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Blue Water Adventures

of Pensacola, Florida


South Wind Marina, 10121 Sinton Dr., Pensacola, FL 32507




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      Dive the USS Oriskany, the

      World's Largest Artificial Reef!


        ☼Walk-on, Half-day and Full-day Charters

        Fast Boat out to the USS Oriskany

        ☼Perfect dive trip for up to 6 people

        ☼50 ft. Custom Dive boat for larger groups

        ☼Always a Divemaster on board

        ☼Warm freshwater shower, enclosed head

            for your privacy and comfort

        ☼Observation tower, custom dive ladder

            and walk-through transom





Pensacola has been chosen as the final resting place for the USS Oriskany, the largest artificial reef in the world. This is the only aircraft carrier accessible for the majority of SCUBA divers and the largest artificial reef ever created. We invite you to join us for a once in a lifetime diving adventure, seeing history as you’ve never seen it before. At 911' long, 150' tall and 146' wide you will be awed by this majestic aircraft carrier. Sunk in 212' of water only 22 miles from shore, it attracts all species of marine life from the smallest reef fish to the largest pelagic fish in the ocean. Take the quickest ride out to the site with Captain Dave Mucci on the "Y-Knot?", a speedy and comfortable 29' Pro Sports Kat with new twin Yamaha 225 HP 4-stroke engines. Dive the majestic USS Oriskany for the most unforgettable diving experience of your life!



"Close Encounters"

We offer SCUBA diving and snorkeling along Pensacola's beautiful Emerald Coast. Swim with the beautiful marine life that visit the reefs off of Pensacola. Experience the natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico's turquoise waters with Captain Dave Mucci as your guide. Whether you're interested in a customized high adventure trip or a relaxing, enjoyable day on the water, Blue Water Adventures offers you the type of trip that you'll enjoy most--small groups, flexibility, and personalized and friendly service.

The US and POW/MIA flags were placed on the Mighty "O" at 85 fsw by Blue Water Adventures of Pensacola in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

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Blue Water Adventures

of Pensacola, Florida


South Wind Marina, 10121 Sinton Dr., Pensacola, FL 32507


The Y-Knot? is a non-smoking vessel. nosmoking41.gif